Taking My Seat At The Table

When I say I am full of inspiration these days. I am FULL!

That inspiration is now overflowing after I took a seat at Solange’s table. It’s so empowering to hear a body of work that unapologetically celebrates who we are, where we’ve been and what we’ve contributed to the world. It could not have come at a better time in my life.

I can attribute most of my inspiration to engulfing myself in the stories of women who, like me, are trying to be the best versions of themselves; while carving their own path to success. I’m still a work in progress, but I feel myself creeping closer and closer to leaping over the line of boundaries I’ve set for myself out of fear. It’s great to now have a soundtrack to get me through the good, bad and beautiful experiences that journey will bring.

I swear I can’t handle those Knowles sisters! 

                                     Jacket| Asos - Shirt/Shoes| H&M - Pants: Thrifted  

                                     Jacket| Asos - Shirt/Shoes| H&M - Pants: Thrifted  

What are your favorites from the album? Cranes in the sky, Mad, Don’t Touch My Hair, F.U.B.U and Junie have all been on repeat.