Have you recovered yet? From the flawlessness that is Beyoncé? If you haven't, I don't blame you because I'm still processing what happened myself. Just when I started to give up on the possibility of an album this year, the queen delivered in the only way she can. Like most of us, I got the news through social media. Iwas on my way to bed and decided to scroll through Instagram one last time when someone posted them buying the album. I was not prepared.

When I tell you, I was up until 5am listening to the music, watching the videos, and enjoying all of the commentary about it online. Not ashamed. I gave myself some time before I blogged about it to fully grasp what happened that night and determine how I feel about the album. To no surprise, I love it! Not only do I love it but I think it's her best work yet. A while ago my boyfriend asked if I felt she had a iconic album and I said, no. If he asked me that now the answer would undoubtedly be yes. I'm so proud of the body of work she has delivered with this album and feel it is the most authentic to who she is and the direction she wants to take her music. I mean, every single song pure artistry. With that said, I gave myself the difficult task of narrowing down my favorites so, here they are.

Favorite Songs:

Pretty hurts

 - I relate to this song because like all women I've felt the pressure of societies standards of beauty and the more I've fought against it the more beautiful I feel.

Drunk in love

 - Honeyyyyyyy! The way she delivers this song vocally alone is enough for me but who doesn't want to feel like this while in love? And for the first time in my life I can listen to a love song and relate on another level.

Superpower -

Oh, Frank. I just love that man. Lyrically I believe he is amazing and I love how his voice blends so well with Beyonce's. Anyone else wish he had a verse?

Jealous -

Again, how she vocally delivers this song captured me and then I listened to what she was saying and yeah sometimes the jealous bug bites us all. " Don't judge me, I'm just human."


- Drake was perfect for this song. When the beat drops and he comes in with " This is the song for the good girls" my hips magically start to roll.


- This song really speaks for itself. Think a female remake of D'Angelos "Untitled".

And because it is a visual album here are my favorite videos. Oh, and I definitely recommend watching them from start to finish like a movie, it adds to the experience.

Favorite Videos:

Drunk in love






Do you have the album? What are your favorite songs/videos?

P.S Happy Holidays! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!