Basically, My wardrobe sucks

As I did a little closet organizing I came to one conclusion, my wardrobe sucks! When I go to dress up for work its not fun anymore. One of the problems is that I'm holding on to items that are super old and ill fitting like jeans that I've had since i was, fluffier. I don't have one clue why i feel i still need them but today they were finally removed. So, I'm starting over and revoking my fashionista card until I get back on track lol.

My goal is to invest in more classic and versatile pieces that will last for years to come and while shopping to focus on overall looks not one piece that I'll get home and not have anything to pair it with. Great jeans, knits, and leather are on my radar, oh and I can't leave out great shoes! I also want to shop at new places I've never purchased from asos or topshop that too will change. I'm so excited to show you ladies all of my finds!

Anyone else doing major closet cleansing? What pieces do you want to add to your wardrobe?