Spreading my wings with the stars of Hollywood

Top/Bag/Shoes: H&M Jeggings: Target Shades:Forever21

This has to be my favorite look of my trip to California! So cute and comfy. That day was the first time I wore a crop top and I just love that top. The butterfly wings sold me! I've come along way with accepting my body and that day was a true test of that. I say that because I dont have a uber flat stomach and because of my weight fluctuating throughout the years I have what my sister calls tiger wounds a.k.a stretch marks. I've hated them for so long and use to cover every part of my body because I was so ashamed of having them. Even blogging about this is a big step for me.So wearing that crop top was a I love my body the way it is and I don't give a fuck what you think moment. So this is a flaunt your flaws outfit for me, which I want to do more of. I hide my arms alot because they too have tiger wounds but I vowed this summer to strut my stuff in a bathing suit sans cover up like in the past. It truely feels good to discover the good in things you thought were so bad. Everyday is a slight struggle, but everyday I continue to accept myself flaws and all! :) I mean if I dont who will?

Ok enough of the body image talk back to the fun! We had a blast in Hollywood that day. We went to the wax musuem and went on a tour of the hills and some celebrity homes. It ended kind of sour when I got us stranded out there and had to take a taxi (50 bucks!) back to our hotel, but overall it was a blast! More pics after the jumps WARNING huge pic overload lol.

       Have you Flaunted A Flaw lately? Have you come to accept what you can't Change?

Peace&love to my readers!

Shay and I.

I love the trees!

Oscar anyone?

Mr. President looking dapper

Ms. Monroe

I tried lol <3 Beyonce!

After taking this pic I thought yup a bit disrespectful, but it was all in fun,I mean they're wax figures lol

Innocent pose

Momma Monster!!!!

My first love!

So Will do I whip my hair as cool as your daughter dose? no, ok was just wondering lol

Shay loves Julia

Uber chic!

Those eyes, Dreamy. one of my dads fave actors

Which cowboy should I choose? those damn tiger wounds! grrr lol

life is a box of , you know the rest lol

I want to live godfather! lol


I can take him!

Shay's first husband.lol

Taking notes from the best!

Another great!

Who's bad?!

For some reason I thought Madonna and boob love went together lol

Shay's second husband! lol

Momma Streep!

Denzel, Denzel, Denzel!

Laughs with Mr. Nickolson

We ate at little devil in Hollywood, I had pulled chicken sooo good!

Breathtaking sights!

I love this picture!

I was in awe of people who put their homes on top of hills, scary.

MJ's place.

Where they filmed Fresh Prince of bailaire I believe.

Even more pics to come!