Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) gave her twitter followers a sneak peak into her and her sister Vanessa's new shoe line. The ladies are making their mark in the fashion industry with their clothing, shoe and accessory brand Pastry. I've been following Pastry since they came up with the idea for the company on their families reality show, Runs House. I really admire them as women and young entrepreneurs.

With that said I'm not a big fan of Pastry, and that's probably because the brand might be geared towards a younger audience, or at least I assume so. I'm not a big Gym shoe girl either and that's what their shoe line consisted of mostly. So, when I saw these i was pleasantly surprised and happy the duo was taking the brand into a new direction. A direction I'm all for! Overall I like both pair, and I'm hoping their clothes will improve over time as well.

NotetoAngela&Vanessa: Do a line for women your age based off what you would love to wear, based off your street style I would be first in line to get the collection!