Jamming To Major: Why I Love You

From as far back as I can remember, music has always been my solace. I can probably attribute that to my dad singing Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely when I entered the world. These days, it's rare that I hear a song that stops me in my tracks and really makes me listen. That was until I heard Why I Love You by Major.

95 percent of the time I drive in silence. It gives me some time to flush through my thoughts and clear my mind. The other 5 percent of the time I'm listening to the oldies channel that plays classic R&B hits because a girl can only stomach so much "turn up" music. Is "turn up" still a thing or it just "lit" now? Anyway, on the rare occasion that I turn on the radio, I heard a sultry voice professing his love. A recipe I'm always a sucker for.

 Caught off guard, I put the car back in park, swayed in my seat and made a stink face when his falsetto gave me a slight chill. From then on the song has been in heavy rotation. Get ready to catch the feels. 

Any new artists you're loving right now?