My Love Affair With High Waisted Jeans

This look is so me right now!

I'm still obsessing over anything off the shoulder and my love affair with high waisted jeans continues. The combo of the two exudes effortless style, which I'm always aiming for. My style is forever evolving but one thing will always stay the same, I choose pieces based on how I feel in them. High waisted jeans, make me feel sexy yet comfy because they just seem to hug me in all the right places.

Oh, and can we take a moment to talk about how Rihanna is killing her Puma collections?! These creepers are my favorite pair of sneakers I own.  

                -Top is currently on sale! ( here ) -Jeans aren't on site, check out similar pair ( here )

              -Top is currently on sale! (here) -Jeans aren't on site, check out similar pair (here)