Lessons Learned From My Little Sister


Somehow the little girl that annoyed me, that I thought was too outspoken, that took it upon herself to wear a brand new pair of shoes I bought with my first paycheck because "They went with her outfit," somehow that little girl, that I admittedly neglected in the past, became a woman I can count on. She became my best friend. 

If you told me that some of the biggest lessons I would learn this year would come from my little sister, you'd get the shadiest side eye from me. Because we're so opposite, it has taken some time to find commonalities other than "we're sisters." But life will have you resting your head on the shoulder of the most unexpected people. I initially struggled with the fact that for the first time in my life, that person was my little sister. 

For as long as I can remember, I've been the one that she and others came to for advice. But once I put my pride aside, I couldn't help but feel grateful to have someone that understood all of me. Who I could trust and tell everything without second guessing their loyalty. She's is literally the funniest, most giving, most outspoken, no bullsh*t taking and most understanding person I know. I can go on and on, but I'll just leave you with some of the lessons I've learned from my little sister. 

1. Give With No Limits

If she has it, she'll give it to you. If she doesn't have it she'll find a way to get it for you. We both laugh at how family skips over me to ask her for favors because they know I need the who, what, when, where and why. Jasmine will give with little questions asked. I often worry that because of that she'll get taken advantage of, but because she gives with no limits, that doesn't concern her. 

2. Speak Up Or Get Stepped Over

Back to that outspoken thing. There has been one too many times where I failed at speaking up for myself. Whether it was bad service at a restaurant or someone taking my kindness for weakness, I've had to learn the hard way that being "too nice" doesn't always work. There have been times, I've had to tell her she doesn't have to fight every battle that comes her way, but I can't help but respect that her bluntness sends a much-needed signal to those who may have ill intentions.

3. Body Confidence Like Self-Esteem, Starts With You

I've never told her but I've always admired how comfortable she is in her skin. She tries just about every trend with no regrets and isn't afraid to flaunt what others may deem as "flaws." I've shied away from wearing certain things in the past because of my "flaws" but I've been working on embracing them and the more I do the more empowered I feel. I remember seeing her wear the cutest crop top that didn't cover her stretch marks and it inspired me to ask her what makes her so comfortable with showing them. She simply said, "because "I" know I'm beautiful, I'm not worried about what others might think."

4. It's Ok To Live A Little, It's Ok To Make Mistakes

Since we were kids I was the "good girl." I've always tried to walk the straight and narrow path in life, which has made me a bit uptight. Ok, maybe a lot uptight. But I think it's because I've always had to be the responsible one. Even though I was the middle child, I was the one my parents relied on to help out with my younger siblings, so I rarely had room to make mistakes. Though in college I got to be a bit care free, I've recently come to realize that I need to get back to that. I need to do things that make me uncomfortable, I need to live in the moment and stop trying to control everything. Jasmine has always done that. She has always taken life by the reigns and charged at whatever challenge that came her way, without worrying about falling off the horse. Two years ago she took a leap and moved to Texas with no job and not much money saved. Just a friends couch to sleep on and I was terrified for her. Yet, here we are two years later and in true Jasmine fashion she found a way out of no way and is thriving in H-Town. 

If you're reading this Jasmine, I love you sissy poo! Thank you for always having my back! 

If you have lessons from your sister (younger or older), I'd love for you to share them in the comments!