5 Tips For Shopping During A Weight Loss Journey

Until recently, the staple pieces in my closet consisted of gym clothes, leggings, and graphic t-shirts. I started a fitness journey in January and after dropping over 40 pounds that was pretty much all I was left with. I was also depriving myself of going shopping until I hit my goal but the more my jeans sagged, the more I realized I couldn't wait much longer. When you're on a fitness journey, shopping could be tricky because your body is constantly changing. So before I spent a penny, I set a budget and broke down what I should do to make every dollar I spend count. Even with the prep, I still made some mistakes and felt the need to share some of my top tips for shopping during a weight loss/fitness journey. 


1. Get Measured For New Bras

We all know that an ill fitting bra can ruin an outfit, so I believe getting resized as soon as possible after a significant amount of weight loss is essential. It's also a confidence booster when the girls are sitting where they need to be and will create a smooth canvas for your new cute outfits. 

2. Get Back In The Stores

I'm an online shopping girl, but I've had to send back sooooo many things because I found myself guessing my new size online. This past weekend, I got back into the stores and was able to leave with some great pieces that I didn't have to worry about returning. 

3. Start With The Basics

You can easily end up over shopping when rebuilding your wardrobe, that's why I believe starting with the basics is important. Knowing what you're going to get will prevent you from buying things that you might have to let go of once your goal is reached. For me basics included a certain color palette (mainly neutrals), versatile pieces that can be dressed up and down and jeans. 

4. Avoid Oversized

Let me tell you, I loooove a good oversized piece! But unless you don't care how oversized your clothing is, buying those kind of pieces during a weight loss journey can potentially be a waste of money. They can eventually just look too frumpy, and besides that who wants to hide all of their hard work? 

5. Celebrate Where You Are

It can get overwhelming when shopping for clothes when your body is constantly changing.But always remember to have fun and don't be too harsh on yourself if you aren't where you want to be. You should be proud of every stage you reach in your fitness journey, so don't put too much pressure on getting in a certain size. Also, even though I think you should stick to basic pieces, celebrate where you are with something that isn't exactly in your comfort zone like the cute two piece outfit I'm wearing from Zara. In the past, you wouldn't catch me in something like this whether I was fit or fluffy. I was just always uncomfortable with showing "too much" but I swear it was liberating to step outside my comfort zone for once. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips!

Let me know if you have any more tips to add or any questions.